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13 March 2008 @ 12:28 am
Hi There,

We need YOUR help to make our site great...!!!

Our goal is to provide the highest quality eco-friendly sex toys to Canada and the USA.

So many vibrators and dildoes nowadays are made from basically unknown and unmarked jelly plastic and latex substances that have high quantities of phthalates and other substances that can leak into your body and cause all
sorts of physical problems such from hormone imbalances all the way to cancer.

Of course manufacturers and whatnot have known about this problem for years but companies are slow to adapt products as the costs associated with producing products with higher grade materials such as higher quality elastomers and silicone are more expensive and the cost to the distributers and then the businesses and then to the customer goes up as well for seemingly the same product with the same functions, putting the product at a distinct disadvantage to the lower priced sex toys with the unmarked jelly that everyone has now grown accustomed to seeing. Some of these unsafe jelly mixes are easily recognizable by a strong odour. These ones have the highest level of
phthalates in them.

Basically our idea is to bring and carry body friendly and eco-friendly products to the market and showcase them and sell them quickly
and at fair cost to show that these items do have value (the demand is there) and people will be willing to pay a bit more for a material that will not affect their health adversely or settle for products that may affect their health in any way... accept for the better.

Hopefully this will show the large sex toy manufacturers that demand is there and high enough to warrant changing their own manufacturing processes to at least include lines of products that contain better materials than industry standards right now.

Even though our site is not up and running yet, should be by the first week of April, we encourage you to check out the site as it progresses, there is a link on our "under construction page" to preview the site... just don't try ordering anything yet as the cart won't be activated till the end of the month...

We are still looking for a few more products to complete our opening collection. This is where your help is needed!!!

If you know of any, body-friendly or eco-friendly sex toys(phthalate free/rechargeable/alternate power) or even feminine products that will contribute lesss waste and chemicals into the environment please let us know!!!!

We are interested in finding out what people want in these areas. We will be carrying a large assortment of medical grade silicone toys, uncoloured glass, high grade elastomer vibes, etc. basically everything we can get our hands on that is safer for you
and the environment.

So please send links to the sites of the items and products YOU feel are valuable and of course it would be even more helpful to obtain the link to the manufacturers website.

but even if you aren't up to the task of helping us check out our website by clicking the link above and give us your feedback if you wish.

Remember.... the world is depending on you!!!!


BestVibes Team




We are open currently accepting Visa and Mastercard through Moneris...which is a joint Venture between BMO and Royal Bank of Canada... within a few days American Express will be added... and in a few more days even getting interac online...which will be of definite benefit those who bank at least 4 of the 5 major banking institutions in Canada... which are BMO, Royal BanK, Canada Trust and Scotiabank...CIBC is slow at adopting new technology it seems... anyways interac online will allow you to pay through your online banking at these institutions... and really great if you don't want to use a credit card....or don't have one...

Anyways....Happy Shopping!!!! We will be adding more products everyday...and rewinding prices...so check back!!!!

BestVibes Team

** New Update BestVibes.ca is proud to announce that we are having our Grand Opening Sale!!! Check us out on the web at http://www.bestvibes.ca
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